Petty Cash

Petty cash can be used to reimburse individuals for non-travel, out-of-pocket expenditures. Petty cash can sometimes be used in place of the university purchasing process where appropriate, for example, as reimbursement for small, incidental department expenses when it is infeasible or impractical to use normal purchasing means. Petty cash should be used in this manner only when absolutely necessary. A petty cash fund can also be used as a "change fund" in the department for handling ticket sales, etc., where expenses are not incurred.


Petty cash must not be used for the following:
  • Employee travel expense reimbursements
  • Employee travel advances
  • Grant expenditures
  • Payment for items that are required to be purchased through a purchase order according to the university procurement policy
  • Payments to vendors for invoices submitted directly to the department where a purchase order was issued
  • Payments to independent contractors, consultants, awards, etc., to non-university employees
  • Payments to employees for services, awards, bonuses, etc.
  • Payments of a taxable or non-taxable benefit to an individual
  • Gift Card purchases
  • Sales tax on purchases
  • Personal borrowing