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Payroll Year End Processing Deadline Schedule

Due to the upcoming Wilkes holiday schedule and bank processing pay schedule the following deadlines need to be adhered to. This will ensure timely pay checks for the Holiday Season.


November 25, 2013

Any remaining Pay Requests for the year 2013 such as:

  • Stipends
  • Grants
  • Adjunct
  • Pay Adjustments

November 26, 2013

  • Full Time Facilities/Public Safety Employees and Part-Time Staff Timesheets

December 2, 2013

  • Exempt, Non-Exempt, Student Employee Timesheets

Address Updates for W-2 processing


The support and cooperation from all is really appreciated in order to accomplish a successful year end payroll process.

If you have any questions and/or concerns, please contact me at 570-408-6178.


FLAC News Flash
Audience: Department Office Assistants

You will want to mark this date on your calendar…..

You will no longer be responsible for entering adjunct information into Banner or Self Service. This means, as of today, no more FLAC for department end users for those entering undergraduate adjunct!

What will you and your department chair and dean be responsible for? Providing Payroll/Susan Williams with the adjunct compensation information. However, you will be submitting the adjunct compensation information on the attached Personnel Status Change form, NOT a spreadsheet. Send the completed form(s) to Susan Williams, Payroll Coordinator, UCOM, Room 201.

What information should be included on the status change form? All the information that you would typically include on the spreadsheet, i.e. NAME, WIN, COURSE/SECTION, START DATE & END DATE of COURSES, COMPENSATION for EACH COURSE (list course & compensation separately), indicate whether UNDERGRADUATE OR GRADUATE COURSE, and DEPARTMENT ORG CODE. The status change form is designed to capture information for various uses. You may use the justification section if needed to include all the required information.

The Personnel Status Change form MUST have two signatures . Be sure to include the signature of the Chair Person and the Dean as final approval. Do not forward the form(s) to Payroll/Susan Williams without the required signatures.

It is important to have record of approved compensation for each adjunct instructor . At the conclusion of pay processing, for record keeping and for audit purposes, the personnel status change form will be placed in the adjunct personnel file.

Continue to use the deadline dates that were provided at the beginning of the new fiscal year for submitting pay information and the Personnel Status Change form(s) to Payroll/Susan Williams . (See attached for dates.) In order for Payroll to meet their schedule for processing paychecks, the deadline dates must be followed. If the Personnel Status Change form is received after the date of a particular pay date, the form will be held for the next pay; no exceptions. Keep in mind that the completed form(s) may always be submitted well in advance of the deadline dates.

Please share this email with your Chair Person, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact me.