Academic Success Workshop Series Fall 2013

Join University College for one or more of these interactive workshops!  Come hear practical ways to get ahead in your classes. Learn how to better manage the academic demands and become a stronger student.   All workshops will be held in Conyngham 109. 

Intro to Academic Success  |  Tuesday, September 3  | Time: 11-12
Provides students with tips for beginning the semester, describes the academic support programs and services available, and introduces some of the University College Staff.
Strategic Time/Task Management  | Tuesday, September 10 | Time: 11-12

Dont't let college manage you... Take charge of your time. Learn how to organize your responsibilities to enhance your productivity. This workshop will help you examine how you spend your time and how you might be able to become more efficient in your role as a student.

 Goal Setting & Motivation  | Tuesday, September 17 | Time: 11-12
The reason why most people don't achieve goals is because they never set them. This workshop will offer practical methods for setting and achieving your goals.
 Note-taking |  Tuesday, September 24 | Time: 11-12
Discover the secrets to successful note-taking. Come learn how to become a more effective and engaged note-taker. Different note-taking methods to improve the structure and organization of student materials as well as different study strategies to improve your grades will be discussed.
 Preparing for & Taking Exams  | Tuesday, October 1 | Time:  11-12
Do you prepare for tests only to find you completely blank out when the test is placed in front of you or that your grade did not meet your expectation? Learn tips about taking certain types of tests: multiple choice, essay, true/false, etc. Get information to make your test preparation more productive and how to better manage test-taking jitters.
Relaxation & Test Anxiety  |  Tuesday, October 8 | Time:  11-12
It is quite natural for a student to be nervous before a big exam. While research shows that some anxiety can be helpful, too much anxiety leads to a rapid decrease in thinking and an inability to focus and concentrate. Come to this session to learn strategies for how you can keep your stomach from doing flips and stay calm enough to recall all the names, dates, and other important information.

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