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Interfaith Coordinator:  Theresa Monaco

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Catholic Campus Minister:

       Theresa Monaco, M.A.
       Catholic Dioceses of Scranton
Protestant Campus Minister:
       Rev. Cheryl Cavalari
       Campus Ministries of
       Northeast Pennsylvania
Jewish Outreach: TBD
Islamic Outreach: TBD  

The Campus Interfaith Offices exists to help connect students, factuly and staff with area resources that assist them on their spiritual journey.  It also provides a venue for individuals from various faith traditions provide outreach to the Wilkes Community.  Collectively the Interfaith Office strives to encourage those in the Wilkes community to gather with members of different faith traditions to learn from one another, support one another, and grow in respect and understanding of one another.   All programs offered through the Interfaith Office are open to all students regardless of religious affiliation.