Advising & Registration Information Summer 2017


 Registration Process: Placements and Preliminary Schedule

University College Advising Services has been working with the registration process to provide you with the opportunity to initiate a more meaningful relationship with your advisees. Beginning in April, students were able to take the  mathematics placement tests, and provide information for pre-registration. As a result, you will have a preliminary schedule to share with your advisees at orientation. In the event that you discover additional information, you will also have the opportunity to alter this schedule.



The Math Department has set the following criteria:

·         Calculus-based Test:
30 or above => MTH 111
18-29=> MTH 100 or MTH 150
Below 18 => MTH 094


Nursing students must take this test and place in at least mth 100 to be eligible for MTH 150


The Biology Department has set the following criteria to place into Bio 115 and Bio 121.

                      -   Students must place in mth 100 or higher in the math placement test or have credit for mth 094 or higher.


The Chemistry Department has set the following criteria to place into CHM 111, CHM 115 and CHM 118:

   Students must place in mth 100 or higher in the math placement test or have credit for mth 094 or higher.


Foreign Language:

SP 101-102—Basic Spanish—for those who have not taken any Spanish course before


SP 203-204—Intermediate Spanish—a quick review of tenses starting with present tense; expansion of vocabulary; conversation; some short stories.

·         students with 3 years of high school Spanish with grades of A/B should take SP 102 or 203.

·         students with 4 years of high school Spanish with grades of A/B should take SP 203 or 204.

·         students with 4+ years of junior/high school Spanish or AP or honors should take SP 204.

·         SP 203 is a Fall course and SP 204 is a Spring course.

If a student feels that he/she is in a course that cannot handle or should not be in, then the Spanish faculty will allow the student to drop the class and enroll in a lower level or higher level if it is the case. When in doubt, encourage students to the higher level course.

Course Schedule and Changes of Major

Students had an opportunity to select a different major during the orientation registration process. However, if a student arrives at your office deciding to change to a different major than initially indicated, complete the “change of major” form. The student should remain with your group during orientation unless we are able to make other arrangements. However, in place of an individual advising session on Sunday, have the student report to Conyngham Hall, room 215. Please indicate this change on your advisor list and return the student's advisee folder to University College following Orientation and we will reassign the student to the appropriate new advisor.

·         Schedule changes can be made using the drop/add form and returned along with your student list to University College.

·         Advanced Placement—A student may indicate that he/she has Advanced Placement (AP) for a course from the high school experience. Inform her/him to be sure the Registrar’s Office has the information. This information usually reaches the University in late July.  If a student does have AP credit the Registrar will make an adjustment to the schedule. 



Bridge Program for Conditional Admit Students

We have supplied a roster that will indicate those advisees who have been conditionally admitted to the University through our Bridge Program. These students should be registered for FYF 101: Intelligence Applied. University College will monitor their progress and provide support throughout their transition to the University. Cautious and careful advising of the conditionally admitted students is important. (More information about advising conditionally-admitted students is included in another document.)


After Advising Appointment

Complete the interview report form ONLY if there is something you want us to know about the student.   Your comments are helpful to our Advising Services staff to identify students who may need additional intervention.


The yellow logsheets in your folders are provided as an aid for your record keeping. As you meet with an advisee you should keep record of your conferences on this form. This will assist you in keeping track of your involvement and later give any subsequent advisor a sense for the student's history at Wilkes.


Additional Notes:


Health Forms

If an advisee brings you a health form, please collect it and return it with your other materials following Orientation. Health forms are confidential. If the form is given to you in an envelope, please don’t open it.


Disability Forms

If an advisee reveals the presence of a disability, please encourage him to contact Ms. Katy Betnar in Conyngham Hall. If an advisee brings documentation to support the claim of a disability, please encourage her to take the information directly to University College at Conyngham Hall, room 202. This information is confidential, and it is best if students assume the responsibility for making an official request for accommodations.


Advisor Roster, Advisor Summary & Advising File

Your materials include two copies of the list supplying you with the names of your advisees attending Orientation. One copy will be for your records and the other one will be returned with any necessary corrections to University College following Orientation. You will also receive two copies of the student schedule—one for you to give to the student and one for your records.

To-Do List:
Please return the following items to University College (Conyngham, room 215) by 4:00 p.m. on the Tuesday following Orientation:
·         One copy of the advisee list (the other copy is yours to keep)
·         Health forms
·         Orientation evaluation forms
·         Interview reports
·         Folders for students who have changed majors