VPN Connection - VPN connection to Wilkes University

LANDesk - Wilkes University uses LANDesk to handle Information Technology requests and incidents. NOTE: Currently we do not support self-service for reporting tickets. Call the help desk for ALL issues (408-HELP).

e-Learning Office - For the most current information about eLearning, please visit their website: http://web.wilkes.edu/elearning

The Student-Run Computer Clinic is located in the Basement of the Farley Library. The Clinic will operate Monday through Friday from 9:00am until 4:00pm during the Fall and Spring semesters. Students can walk into the clinic with their computers and receive support from their tech savvy peers. Please contact the help desk at helpdesk@wilkes.edu, 408-4357, or 1-866-264-1462 if you need further assistance during our regular Help Desk Hours.

Green Print Refund

Please click this link to open a green print Refund Template. Copy the template, paste it into an email, fill out as much information as possible and send it to: printrefund@wilkes.edu

 Green Print not loading

Please click this link if green print fails to start when you log on to a computer.

 Sidhu School iPad Initiative Agreement


Apple Keyboard Mapping
The Apple Keyboard Support driver provides functionality for Intel-based Macs using an Apple keyboard. The driver maps the keys on your Apple keyboard to match essential Microsoft XP keyboard functions.
Apple Mighty Mouse Guide
 Mighty Mouse features the amazing Scroll Ball that lets you move anywhere inside a document, literally without lifting a finger.
Discounted Apple Purchases
Get special pricing on the full range of Macintosh computers, plus select third-party products.

Discounted Dell Purchases
Wilkes University and Dell have teamed up to offer you the benefit of participating in the Dell University Program. The Dell University Program offers award-winning technology, flexible financing options, award winning service and support, and much more...

•Discounted Software Purchases
Discounted software is available for purchase through the above link.

•McAfee AntiVirus Windows Guide
This user's manual explains how to use McAfee AntiVirus for Windows 2000/XP/2003/7, and how to configure scanning for threats, alerts about threats, cleanup, logging, and updates.

•Software Download Center

Click here to download applications including AntiVirus protection

•Connecting Home & Web Drives PCs
This guide to mapping H: & W: drives when off-campus.

Off-Campus Computing Resources

•FTP Guide
File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a method that can be used to copy or move files between your Wilkes Home, Web drives, or departmental file share and your desktop computer either on or off-campus.

•Guide to Remote Access
Access to some services requires a secure connection when off-campus.

Quck References Guides
Click the following links to access quick reference guides for a number of applications:


Microsoft Quick References Guides

Access Excel Outlook PowerPont
Access 2010
Access 2007
Access 2003

Excel 2010
Excel 2007
Excel 2003

Outlook 2010
Outlook 2007
Outlook 2003
PowerPoint 2010
PowerPoint 2007
PowerPoint 2003
Office Project Publisher
Internet Explorer 8
Internet Explorer 7

Internet Explorer 6
Office 2007 Project 2007
Project 2003
Publisher 2007
Publisher 2003
Windows Word
Windows 7
Windows Vista

Windows XP
Word 2010
Word 2007
Word 2003

Mac Quick References Guides

Apple Mac OS Microsoft
Mac OS X Tiger Entourage 2008
Entourage 2004
Excel 2008
Excel 2004
PowerPoint 2008
PowerPoint 2004
Word 2008
Word 2004

Adobe Quick References Guides

for Windows
for Mac
for Windows
for Mac
Dreamweaver CS3 Dreamweaver CS3 Photoshop CS3 Photoshop CS3