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The University Controller's Office provides accounting services to all University students, faculty and staff. The University Controller's Office is responsible for Accounts Payable & Travel, Financial Reporting, General Accounting, Fixed Assets, Payroll Services, Procurement, and Financial Management Information Systems. Our Mission and Vision statements affirm that we operate with the best interest of the University and our community in mind.

The Controller’s Office is located at 32 W. South Street. Feel free to stop in and ask for additional information, or contact any staff member via e-mail or phone.  We’ll be happy to assist you in anyway we can! 

Accounting Services main duty is to maintain the general ledger for the University. We establish and maintain the chart of accounts that you use to process transactions to outside vendors and to other departments on campus. We also process journal vouchers and transfers from all the departments on campus. If you have questions about transactions that are charged against your department budget, we are the office you can call to research the transaction!

  Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable is responsible for processing all non-payroll payments including purchase order invoices, direct payments, check requests, independent contractor/guest speaker payments, and employee travel and entertainment reimbursements. Let us know if we can assist you!

    Budget Services

Budget Services administers and coordinates the planning, development, and implementation of the University's budgeting and allocation processes, while providing assistance and budgetary analysis in a professional, timely, and accurate manner. 


Part of the Accounting and Budget functions, Capital Assets is responsible for maintaining the accuracy and integrity of the University’s Capital Asset database and ensuring that capital assets are acquired, transferred and disposed of in accordance with University policies and procedures.


The Procurement Office manages the buying of goods and services for the University community. We strive to secure the best price, quality and service and provide new, innovative approaches to streamlining our processes. Please contact us to see how we can help!


The Office of the Bursar provides financial services support to students, parents, faculty, staff, deans, department heads and administration. The office functions primarily as the office depository of all university funds and is responsible for tuition billing, collection of tuition and fees, managing payment plans, processing student refunds and handling all university banking transactions.



Need a form?  The Controller’s Office Forms Depot has check requests, travel reimbursement forms, purchase requisitions and more!

Don’t know who can help?  Click on the Staff Directory and contact any member of the Controller’s Office.  We are always glad to assist you!