Wilkes University PCARD Program

The Procurement Card (PCARD) is a University credit card that delegates small-dollar purchasing power to individual University employees. The PCARD allows the cardholder to charge work-related expenses directly to the appropriate University budget. The PCARD permits purchases to be made with a minimum of delay and a minimum of clerical labor, while also providing accountability.  It is intended for employees whose positions require frequent, small-dollar purchases. There are very strict documentation requirements for purchases made with procurement cards.


Currently, PNC Bank is the provider of the Wilkes University Visa Procurement Card. VISA is readily accepted by most vendors and is a convenient purchase and payment tool for many purchases.


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Lost or Stolen Card

1)  Notify PNC Cardholder Customer Service at  (800) 685-4039

2)  Notify a Program Administrator (Procurement Office)


Who To Call (Program Administrators)

For general information on card usage, cardholder agreements, policies or procedures, scheduling training:


Alicia Bond                (570) 408-6024

Theresa Cochran      (570) 408-4550

PNC Bank                  (800) 685-4039