PCARD Frequently Asked Questions

Q.        Who may obtain a Procurement Card (PCARD)?

A.        Those full time employees whose positions require them routinely to complete purchase requisitions and/or use Purchase Orders for small dollar purchases are candidates to obtain a University Procurement Card.


Q.        Will using the Procurement Card affect my personal credit?

A.        No. This is a University credit card charged to your budget. Your name is on the card for individual    use for your department's purchases. Personal information, such as date of birth is requested when you apply for the card. This data is required for security reasons and does not tie the Procurement Card to your personal credit rating.


Q.        How long does it take to get a procurement card?

A.        Once your Department Budget Manager approves your completed application and it is submitted to a Procurement Card Administrator, it will take approximately two weeks for you to receive your card.


Q.        Can a department have more than one cardholder?

A.        Yes, if approved by the Departments Budget Manager.


Q.        What is a small dollar purchase?

A.        Typically, a small dollar purchase will total less than $1,000.00 per item.


Q.        How Do I Use the PCARD?

A.        With the exception of certain limitations, as listed below, a Wilkes University Procurement Card functions just like your personal credit card. When you present the card to a supplier, the supplier will request authorization through the credit cards electronic network. If the purchase falls within the card’s pre-established limits, you will receive the goods and be asked to sign for the purchase. At this time, you should receive a detailed receipt identifying the items purchased and cost.


Q.        Where will my order be delivered?

A.        All items purchased with a PCARD should be delivered to the Wilkes University Postal Center, Henry Student Center, 2nd floor, 84 West South Street, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18766. All packages should be marked to the attention of the cardholder. Items will be delivered to your office from the University Postal Center.  Office Max purchases may be delivered to your location but the billing address should remain as the Henry Student Center.


Q.        What if the vendor charges sales tax on a purchase?

A.        Every University PCARD includes the University’s PA Sales Tax Exempt number.  You are encouraged to advise the vendor (at the time of the order or checkout) that the purchase is to be tax exempt.  If the vendor requires a tax exemption certificate contact the Procurement Office and have the vendor name, address, phone, fax and email (if available) ready.  If the vendor does charge tax, it is the cardholder’s responsibility to contact the vendor and request a credit for the sales tax. Some University purchases are not exempt from taxes. If in doubt contact the Procurement Office for clarification.


Q.        Who determines the credit limit for PCARDs?

A.        The Procurement Office will determine the starting credit limit for all Procurement Cards. Cardholders may request a higher limit by submitting a PCARD Increase Credit Limit Request form including a detailed explanation for the increase.   Once approved by the Department Budget Manager, forward the form to the Procurement Office for review and processing.  Upon determination you will be notified of any change to your credit limit.


Q.        How long does it take to increase my credit limit?

A.        If the Procurement Office receives a complete and authorized Credit Limit request form, the increase can typically take effect within 24 hours.


Q.        What is a Procurement Card Administrator?

A.        The Procurement Card Administrator is an individual who coordinates various activities related to the purchasing card, including issuing cards, answering questions and acting as a liaison between the University and the Bank.


Q.        Why are certain items “Prohibited” to purchase on the PCARD?

A.        There are several reasons why certain items are prohibited from being purchased on the PCARD. Some items, like chemicals, require detailed tracking from cradle to grave. Others such as capital and IT related items are to be reviewed /approved prior to their purchase. Some items are against University policy to purchase by any means, like personal purchases. A good rule of thumb is, when in doubt….ASK!


Q.        What should I do if I mistakenly use my card for personal purchases?

A.        Cardholder should immediately complete the Non-Conforming PCARD Charge Form, have it signed by the Department Budget Manager and attach a check made payable to Wilkes University, and send to the Procurement Office.  Additional information may be requested of you upon review of your completed form.


Q.        Whom should I contact concerning an error or dispute? 

A.        First contact the vendor and document all efforts/attempts made to resolve the issue.  If the error cannot be resolved with the vendor, contact the Procurement Office.  If the dispute relates to a fraudulent charge notify the bank immediately and then contact the Procurement Office. 


Q.        What should I do if my card is lost or stolen?

A.        Contact the issuing Bank immediately, then contact the Procurement Office. 


Q.        What should I do if a purchase is denied by the credit card company?

A.        Make sure you have funds available on your card.  If so contact the Procurement Office.  If funds are not available either wait until the next billing cycle to make the purchase or request a temporary credit limit increase by completing the PCARD Increase Credit Limit Request form. 


Q.        Am I “locked-into” the default account numbers that I submitted on the PCARD application?

A.        No.  Cardholders may request a change to their default FOAP by contacting the Procurement Office.  All changes to default FOAP’s must be approved by the Department Budget Manager.


Q.        What happens if I lose my receipt?

A.        Purchase receipts/invoices are necessary to identify that the items purchased are for University use and adhere to University Procurement Policies. The cardholder is responsible for maintaining an organized file of all Procurement Card transactions for 8 years.  If missing, cardholders should make every attempt to obtain a replacement from the vendor.  The business purpose of the purchase is to be identified on the receipt or the PCARD statement.


Q.        Are split purchases (two or more transactions for the same item or order) allowed on the PCARD?

A.        No.  Due to capital equipment and potential competitive bidding requirements, split purchases are not allowed on the PCARD.  Repeated split transactions by cardholders may result in the revocation of your card.


Q.        What do I do if I have a PCARD transaction on my banner account that is not mine?

A.        Contact the Procurement Office to research who the charge belongs to, once determined a journal entry will be completed to transfer the funds to the appropriate budget.


Q.        Is my PCARD account subject to review or audit for compliance issues to determine that I am keeping good records or for other procurement requirements?

A.        Yes, your PCARD account is subject to record review by the Controller’s Office. Additionally, your PCARD account is subject to audit by internal, legislative and/or federal auditors according to the circumstances and the source of the funds.  Thus it is important to maintain good records (original receipts) and accountability (documentation of business purpose and individuals, if applicable) for purchases using the PCARD. 


Q.        How do I check my available balance?

A.        Log into the Bank of America Works website.  On the bottom half of the screen you will see your name and Available Funds, Credit Limit and Available Credit.  The number that is the lowest of the three (3) numbers is what you have available on your card. 


Q.        How do I make changes to transactions I already signed off on?

A.        Contact the Procurement Office for the transaction to be flagged on the Works website.  The transaction can now be updated.  After all updates are made go to the general tab and select the remove flag button on the bottom left corner. 


Q.        What do I do if I forget my password?

A.        There is a “forgot your password link” under where you would enter your username and password on the Works website.  Select the link and follow the instructions.   Please allow sufficient time to receive further instructions by email.  If for some reason you get locked out or never receive the email contact the Procurement Office. 


Q.        What if I misplace a billing statement?

A.                 Login to the Works website and:

            -    Click the Standard Reports menu on the works home page (left side)

-        Click the Personal Reports link

-        Click the Spend Reports link (you can view the list of spend reports from the list section)

-        Select the report name you want from the list, i.e. Billing Statement

-         You can view and save the generated report in three (3) different formats such as Download for a text file format in which the values in the statement are separated by commas, PDF for an Adobe Acrobat format, or Excel for an excel format


Any additional questions should be directed to:


Justin Kraynack                 (570) 408-4554

Alicia Bond                          (570) 408-6024

Theresa Cochran               (570) 408-4550