Standard Form Contracts

All Standard Form Contracts must be filled out completely, signed by the consultant/service provider, and sent to the Procurement Office. Only Authorized University Personnel may sign a contract for the University.



Before engaging a service provider or consultant, this checklist must be completed by the person knowledgeable about the services to be rendered and responsible for engaging the service of the individual. Complete Sections I and II and attach to a description of services to be provided if the checklist indicates that an individual is to be treated as an independent contractor. Otherwise, follow the procedures for hiring a new employee. The form should be included with the proposed contract and submitted to the Procurement Office.


Agreement for Services 

Contract primarily used for companies that perform a specific service for the University. (i.e. stage setups, window cleanings, etc.)


Consultant Agreement 

Contract primarily used for any independent contractor performing a service on campus. (i.e. speakers, guest artists/ directors, surveyors, writers, etc.)


Entertainment Agreement 

Contract used when hiring bands, musicians, comedians or other forms of entertainment.


General Event Release

Used for speakers, game officials, guest artists/directors, etc. where a standard form contract is not required.


Volunteer Agreement

Used by departments to utilize the services of a volunteer.  (See University Volunteer policy.)