What's New in MyWilkes ...

Welcome Back, Students & Faculty...
, please take care of some important matters as you return to campus for the fall semester. Click here for your welcome letter to find out what must be done as soon as you get back.

Faculty, for information on hiring a work-study student, please click here for the necessary instructions and paperwork.

We hope all of you had a wonderful summer, and we wish you a successsful semester.



Attention Graduating Seniors...
Are you wondering how long your email account will stay active?
Are you wondering how long your portal login will work?

Please click here for the policies regarding these questions.

If anyone is interested in training for the Portal, please contact Craig Thomas at extension 4755. Sessions are conducted twice a week. In the past three months, over 50 content providers have been trained.



The information channel for the University Controller's Office has been revised. Faculty & staff can find it under the Administrative tab. Students can expect their own University Controller's Office channel in the near future.

Justin Kraynack and Roman Cortes worked together to create this new look. It is with excitement that we look forward to more channels adopting this look as the portal evolves. In the past two months, 46 content providers have been trained, and it is my hope that they will strive to create their own department channels in this creative way. As always, if anyone has any questions about the portal, please feel free to contact me at x4755.

Thank you,
Craig Thomas


Please let us know what you think about Mywilkes.wilkes.edu portal.
Any questions, comments or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. 

Click here to fill out the form.


The Pharmacy Information Center has a new Web site! Actually our Web presence has changed dramatically and the content is now in two separate locations.

Wilkes students, faculty and staff will now find us under the Libraries tab in the MyWilkes portal. Our channel is pared down so that it displays only important links. If you feel we’ve overlooked something, please let me know. Links here still connect to familiar looking “wilkes.edu” pages, but these will be changed as the university moves to a new look over the next several months. The content of the pages, though, has been updated and links verified.

Future students, non-faculty preceptors and other folks will find us in a new “public” page http://www.wilkes.edu/pages/2302.asp that just has very basic information about the PIC. Non-faculty preceptors who have Wilkes computer (e-mail) accounts can click on a link at the left to access resources designed with them in mind.

Again, it may take some time to get used to the new look, but I’d like your feedback on anything you feel may be missing or that doesn’t “work.” I want to make sure our changes are real improvements.

--Barbara Nanstiel


The new Controller's Office Channel has been deployed on the Administrative Tab: business forms, contact points, and other important information can be found there!


Starting today, you will notice that the locator channel has been deployed on the home page of MyWilkes. 
Use this tool to find contact information for faculty, staff, and students. You can search by name or e-mail address.  
Name may be entered as:
         first OR last name- returns all contacts with
         the phrase contained in either their first or
         last name.
         last, first- returns all contacts with the first
         phrase contained in the last name, and the
         second phrase in the first name.
         first AND last name - returns all contacts with
         the first phrase contained in the first name, and
         the second phrase in the last name.


If you are using a pop-up blocker toolbar (such as Yahoo, Gmail, Msn, etc.) make sure to add MyWilkes (mywilkes.wilkes.edu) and WebCT CE6 (ce6.wilkes.edu) to the toolbar "safe list".  Some students have experienced some problems when these toolbars blocks messages and pop-up windows from MyWilkes and WebCT CE6.


Little 'bug' with the portal ... when you open your email in the portal do not hit the log off button in the Web Outlook (orange key in the top right courner) to close your email, use the red X above it to close the window. If you use the log out it will log you out of your portal session and you will have to log back in.


Is the portal shutting down on you too soon? You can reset the default timeout by going into your account settings located on the top left of your screen. You will need to save this setting and then logout and back in for it to go into effect.


Using Groups? Need some help? Try the on-line manual located in the HELP TAB, or follow the link below:

Group Studio Users Guide


Greetings! This channel will provide information on what is new with MyWilkes (e.g. new channels, enhanced functions, etc.). We will also use the space to provide helpful tips on how to use the new tools that the portal provides. Remember - if you are having issues with the portal you can always contact the Help Desk at 408-HELP.