Network Security in Dorms

Student computers located in Wilkes dorms will need to meet the following requirements to gain access to the campus network...
  • Windows-based computers will be required to have an Operating System of Windows 2000 or higher. They will also need to have anti-virus and anti-spyware software installed and up-to-date.
  • Macintosh and Linux computers currently there is no agent for these systems however they will still need to authenticate in order to gain access to the network. 

The following dorms are cabled so each bed (student) has an active network connection:

258 South River  ♦  Street Ross Hall
Catlin Hall  ♦  Slocum Hall
Chesapeake Hal  ♦  Delaware Hall Sterling Hall
Evans Hall  ♦  Sturdevant Hall
McClintock Hall  ♦  Sullivan Hall
Rifkin Hall  ♦  Weiss Hall
Universisty Towers (10 East South)
The following dorms only have one connection per dorm room, not per student. In these dorms each room will be provided with a hub/switch to connect multiple computers in that room. Please ask Residence Life for more details.
Doane Hall
Fortinsky Hall
Schiowitz Hall 
Barre Hall
Waller Halls North and South
Broadband routers/Wireless access points are not permitted in any Wilkes dorms.